Our company, SPÉCI PACK Cardboard Manufacturing Ltd. was established in 1999, with 100% Hungarian capital.

Our main profile is the design, production and sale of various die cut boxes and other products that can be made of corrugated cardboard ˮkartonplast” and we also undertake die cutting under contract. We apply serigraph up to two colors per page. We have been able to maintain the initial dynamic development of our company. Year by year a considerable portion of our profit is reinvested in the purchase of equipment and the development of infrastructure. As a result of our innovative activity we have achieved considerable improvement of production capacity, by which we have significantly broadened our initially limited product offer as well as we have induced an increase of permanent personnel and price income. With our up-to-date machine pool we aim at keeping production costs down. In this way we can somewhat compansate for incereasing costs of basic material.

Among our permanent clients there are numerous Hungarian and multinational companies as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The mission of our company is to serve all clients in a timely and accurate manner thereby facilitating the smooth business operation of our partners. By providing free counseling we promote our customers obtaining the best from us. We achieve what we set out to do. Don’t take chances with your business! Go straight to the pors of packaging: SPÉCI PACK!